Recover Squabs

custom squabs for boats

We Recover Squabs For Boats And Caravans

We not only make scatter cushions but seat and back cushions which may have been damaged and in need of repair or zip replacement. We can help with boat or caravan cushions no matter the shape or size. We can supply fabrics and cushion inserts for outside use which will help repel mildew if they get damp.

We can recover squabs and recover cushions to make your new colour scheme, to give them new life or to repair the wear and tear of daily life.

Custom Made Indoor Window Seats

Our workroom custom manufactures cushions of all types, to your design specifications or we match the style of any drawing or photo you may have.

We strive to bring you only the best in all your indoor and outdoor seating needs. Make your hard, uncomfortable window seat more warm and inviting with our popular window seat cushions. Any indoor or outdoor living area can use a few throw pillows or bolster pillows as accent pieces!

We have a huge range of material for your to choose from when we recover the squabs for your caravan or boat. With sturdy zips and long lasting material, you can get a facelift for your boat or caravan with ease! We can match a wide range of colours, or even suggest some ideas that might bring the area to life.

Custom squabs for window seats